Clean Power Wash provides a full range of solutions that will address the important needs of your commercial property. Services include:


Customers spend a lot of time interacting with your property’s concrete, from pulling into your driveway to parking in your lot to walking down your sidewalk. Our team uses power washing to totally restore these much-used surfaces. Combining powerful pressurized equipment with special cleaning agents, we remove dirt, oil, gum, and any other debris that doesn’t belong.


Tap into the power of perfect curb appeal! Clean Power Wash uses soft washing to carefully and completely revive your business exterior. This method doesn’t use the force that older pressure washing units might, providing our properties with a safe way to effectively remove mold, dirt, and imperfections that bring down your professional image. We restore exteriors of any material.


Protect your business from the topmost layer! Our team uses soft washing to remove mold, algae, black stains, and other buildups from your roofing. This gentle approach never harms your shingles in the process, but it provides the powerful solution needed to make sure that your roofing lasts.
Clean Power Wash exists to help our commercial clients grab the power of a great first impression that lasts. Experience the best in customer service and guarantee flawless results… And start with your free estimate!