Living and working in Maryland and Delaware can be like a dream come true for many people. Our lush and beautiful scenery, mild climates all year round and our proximity to the ocean prove you really can have it all. However, there is one drawback and that is the humidity and unpredictable weather. The elements can cause damage to your property, leaving behind stains, dirt, and debris that could be just as damaging to your business. But don't panic. Clean Power Wash is here to help.

Introducing Our Soft Wash Cleaning System

At Clean Power Wash, we use an effective and powerful soft wash cleaning system that will remove dirt, dust, pollen, mold, algae and black streaks from your building, leaving it in immaculate condition. We take care of those areas that could be letting your business down without you realizing it and give your building a bright and welcoming new lease of life.

Clean Right Down to the Very Last Detail

Our soft washing equipment allows us to clean right down to the very last detail. We get into all of those nooks, grooves, and cracks, ensuring all dirt is completely removed. Stubborn stains are no match for our team and we will ensure you are completely satisfied with the results. We help you to stop worrying about the exterior image of your building and to focus on the important things, such as your customers and business.

Safe and Effective

Our commercial building washing doesn't involve cleaning at high pressures. Power washing at a high PSI can actually cause damage to your sidings. Instead, we use a proven and effective soft wash alternative that will get the same great results without any risk of damage.

To find out more about our commercial cleaning services and to arrange an appointment or free competitive quote, get in touch with our friendly team today. We would be delighted to assist.