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Pressure Washing Siding: Why do Homeowners Need Twice a Year?

There are many benefits to pressure washing siding. The main one is it extends the life of your exterior walls by removing decades’ worth of grime and dirt that has collected on the exterior via air pollution, leaves, dirt, twigs, branches, etc. Your exterior walls will start to look dull after about 6 months without pressure washing; this is when you should begin considering doing it again. Another benefit to power washing your home’s siding is actually quite simple: it wakes up the appearance of your home so that instead of having a dead, sad-looking house it looks bright and welcoming again!

Pressure Washing Siding
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Here are some reasons why homeowners need to pressure wash their siding twice a year:

Removes all dirt and grime from the exterior of your home Extends the life of your exterior walls Removes any mold or mildew that could be formed due to exposure to water Brightens up the appearance of your home Gives a fresh start for spring

If you’re worried about the environmental impact, don’t be! Power washing gives you immediate results without using chemicals or solvents because it uses high-pressure water instead. This cannot damage your siding and will not harm animals or plants in the surrounding area either. All-in-all, pressure washing is beneficial all around because it’s good for both your wallet and the environment!

Pressure Washing Tips

Pressure washers are very powerful machines, so use them responsibly. They are designed to blast off the dirt that has built up over the years, so when you use them for their original purpose they work wonders. Don’t point them at plants or animals and keep children and pets in a safe area while you’re using one.

If your siding has mold and mildew on it then power washing will not remove that; it has to be scrubbed off by hand with a solution of bleach and water. It’s best to do this before pressure washing since there is more debris on the house from leaves etc. If you see algae growing on your home’s exterior walls then get rid of it with an algaecide spray before cleaning it up with a pressure washer.

When buying a new pressure washer make sure you buy one that says “consumer-grade” because those are much cheaper. If it says “industrial-grade” then you will not be able to use it in your driveway or on a sidewalk. Industrial pressure washers can only be used at gas stations, car lots, and garages where there is a concrete surface to attach the sprayer to.

Pressure washing your home’s siding should only take an hour or two depending on how big your house is. Make sure that before you begin cleaning that you turn off any outdoor faucets as well as disconnect the hose from the outside spigot so no water gets into them when using the power washer. Do this last as disconnecting the hose could cause a sudden shock as well as send debris flying everywhere which can damage your home or worse.

It’s a good idea to use a spray bottle with water in it while you’re power washing so you can control the debris coming from the siding. This allows you to keep brick and concrete from being sprayed as well as prevent any damage from occurring on plants etc. Make sure that when you get done power washing that all of your outdoor faucets are turned back on before turning off your power washer! With these tips, homeowners will not have any problems learning how to pressure wash their own homes!

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