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As you look around your home and landscape, you may notice various areas that are not quite as clean as they used to be. Perhaps your home’s exterior is discoloring from a build-up of algae, maybe your decking is looking old and grimy, or even your driveway is stained and dirty, bringing down the appearance of the front of your property. Whatever your problem or however dirty your property, Clean Power Wash LLC has the answer. We provide the ultimate power washing in Salisbury MD and are the number one choice for many local residents. Call us and find out why.

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Power washing is effective, fast, and affordable. With this type of cleaning, there is no need for wasting time and money trying to clean your property yourself with store-bought products. Spending days and even hundreds of dollars trying to make areas of your property look new again. At Clean Power Wash LLC, our professional power washing is exactly what you need. Our services will transform any surface, add value to your home, and leave you speechless.

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While it’s perfectly normal for algae to grow on the exterior surface of your home, it certainly isn’t pleasant. Over time this algae grows and spreads, and the discoloration becomes worse and more noticeable. Not to mention the fact that your home’s exterior materials can deteriorate if the algae and residues aren’t removed. Our high-quality house washing will clean away all the algae and stains, leave your home looking bright and fresh, and help the surface stay durable.

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Roof cleaning is an essential part of your property’s maintenance; however, it isn’t a job you should ever attempt yourself. Don’t put yourself at risk but don’t neglect such an important maintenance job. Instead, call Clean Power Wash LLC. We are qualified experts at roof cleaning. We’ll safely wash away all the algae and moss with our specialized soft washing, leaving your roof healthy and looking brand new.

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Gutters are there to guide rainwater away from your home. However, if your gutters are blocked, then the rainwater has no choice but to run down the sides. This is when you end up with serious problems such as roof leaks and water damage to your home. Use our expert gutter cleaning for your home and save yourself a lot of stress and money by preventing these problems.

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Power Washing Salisbury MD

This company feels like family. They explain why their process is better for our home and it shows! They brought their own water so no problem with me not having an outside water supply. We've already scheduled the next power washing. They are people you can be proud to say you know!

Tina Marie Barton

Power Washing In Salisbury MD

I highly recommend this company, they did an amazing job powerwashing and prepping for paint my historic home with an old wood siding! They were on time and very professional!

Nika Abakumova

Power Washing Salisbury

I found Clean Power Wash on the internet. They did an excellent job and were very reasonably priced. Oh did I mention I got a call back within 10 minutes of the quote request?! How’s that for service. I would highly recommend them for all your power washing needs.

Tammy Byrd

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It takes about 2 hours to pressure wash a 720 square foot house. Residential pressure washing usually covers the roof, siding and garage –  It’s also necessary to protect surrounding plants from chemicals which would kill them if watered by rain that comes into contact with the cleaned surface. That being said, you can’t just power wash everything that looks dirty. An energy-efficient first step is a good scrubbing with a deck brush or stiff push broom to knock off larger debris before putting it back under spray. 

Special thanks to Brown’s Pressure Washing for providing this information!

The short answer is yes – indeed, pressure washing brick is very common, and to do so effectively you should apply a mix of hot water and detergent.

With the advent of improved technologies in cleaning products over the years, it’s become easier than ever before to maintain both brick and many other surfaces. Today there are two main methods used for such maintenance: pressure washing brick or applying some type of liquid cleaner on cloths. Which option you choose has as much to do with how often the surface will need cleaning as anything else – what one person might use once per year another person might use monthly or more frequently depending on their needs and environmental factors.

This information was provided by Moores Pressure Washing.

Power washing is, by far, the best way to clean concrete. This method takes all of your dirt and grime off so that your concrete looks like it just got dry-cleaned. It entails setting up a hose with a power jet nozzle onto your surface and blasting away all of the grime until you’re satisfied with how clean it looks. It’s important to know that power washing concrete patios removes all organic materials that might be on your surface or embedded in its structural building blocks (you should act similarly if you were stripping paint).


We’d like to thank Peters Pressure Washing for this information. 

Paver cleaning products are designed to work on patios, walkways, sidewalks, driveways and other concrete surfaces. Power washing patio pavers can help with this issue. Generally you will want to find a product that is formulated for the type of surface you are cleaning–stone, brick or concrete. Products may also be formulated for use on environmentally safe surfaces or ones that can withstand harsh weather conditions like winter freeze-thaw events.

The cost to pressure wash a driveway varies depending on how much work needs to be done and the labor rate in your area. Placing the quote request in a location near you will likely give you an estimate of how much it would cost.

Pressure washing a driveway is one instance where dirt and grime can just be washed away with water, but this won’t always stop oil stains from being left behind. Professionals might have special chemicals for this purpose, but these can get pricey when considering quantities required for large driveways.

This information was provided by Wise Guys Pressure Washing

Yes, power washing brick patio can be done. However, you need to take caution not to damage them with the high-pressure water. You might want to try a lower pressure setting first and see if that is adequate for removing the dirt and debris. If it’s not, then increase the pressure gradually until you see results. Always be careful to avoid spraying the water directly onto the brick pavers themselves as this can cause etching or pitting. Instead, concentrate the spray on the spaces in between the pavers to help blast away any built-up dirt and gunk.

Soft washing is a process of using multiple high-pressure jets of water for cleaning which utilizes chemicals that dissolve and loosen dirt and other debris. The water breaks up dirt into small particles, which can then flow without resistance when dry or in motion. Pressure washing uses powerful, pressurized streams of water at the surface in order to mechanically remove tough stains such as bacteria and algae from surfaces such as roofs and driveways.

Special thanks to our friends at Blue Flamingo Soft Wash for this information!

Soft washing exterior cleaning is good for removing built-up dirt, grime, and mildew from the surfaces of homes. It’s a gentle but effective way to clean the exterior without using harsh chemicals or high-pressure washers that can damage surfaces.

Many homeowners choose to soft wash house at least once a year to keep it looking its best. It’s also a great way to prepare your home for painting or staining, as it removes all the built-up gunk that can prevent paint or stain from adhering properly.

This information was given to our friends at Glass Act Pro Wash.

One of the best ways to get rid of roof algae and mold is to use a soft wash roof cleaning system. This type of system uses low pressure water and mild detergent to remove the dirt, grime, and growth from your roof without causing any damage to your roof tiles or shingles.

Thanks to Gordon Exterior Cleaning for these roof cleaning tips!



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