North Lake Park

North Lake Park in Salisbury Maryland United States

North Lake Park in Salisbury Maryland is a place where people of all ages can enjoy spending time together. This park offers an array of recreational activities including hiking, cycling, and swimming. In addition, it is also home to a dog park and a zoo. It is also the site of a beautiful mountain bike trail. Continue reading about Delmar!

Dog park

Among the many dog parks abounding in and around the city of Salisbury, the dog park at North Lake Park has earned a spot on my short list of go-to places to play with my pooches. The best part is, the place is free to the poop eying public. It’s also a nice respite from the madness of the surrounding urban center. There’s a slew of perks aplenty, from a shady picnic area to an indoor and outdoor pool. In addition, dogs are allowed on the road and footpaths if they are well behaved. So, what’s not to like?

While the Dog Park at North Lake is not exactly a sex centric social club, the area is brimming with people who are smitten with their pets. The place is a haven for aficionados of all breeds. Aside from the dogs, visitors can partake in a number of activities, including but not limited to: baseball, tennis, bocce ball, soccer, softball, rugby, frisbee, and more. To top it off, the facility is also home to several upscale hotels and restaurants, a spa and salon, and a fitness center, among others. Moreover, the place has ample parking for visitors of all sizes. Likewise, parking is reasonably priced and is easily accessible from just about every major highway in and around the city.

Mountain bike trails

Salisbury, Maryland, United States is an ideal location for mountain biking. The city is home to a number of mountain bike trails that cater to all levels of cyclists. There are also several places around the area to rent bikes for a great riding experience.

One of the most popular places to bike in the area is the Green Ridge State Forest. This state park has some of the best mountain biking in the state. Some of the features of the Green Ridge trail include stream crossings and steep inclines.

Another great place to ride is the Mount Snow Bike Trails. This state park is home to several mountain biking trails, as well as dirt jumps and man-made surfaces. A number of trails in the park are rated for advanced level cyclists.

While the Mount Snow Bike Trails are rated for all abilities, some are more challenging than others. You can choose from 30 miles of trails, including a series of technical climbs.

The Mount Snow Bike Trails are also home to USA Cycling National Championships. These are the perfect mountain bike trails to try out if you’re looking to test your skills.

For an additional challenge, consider the Mount Ascutney Trails. They offer a variety of trails that are rated for all abilities, as well as a number of short power climbs. Check it out here!


The Salisbury Zoo is a 12-acre zoo located on the Delmarva Peninsula in Salisbury, Maryland. In addition to its impressive collection of birds and other animals, the zoo also offers educational opportunities to visitors.

It is also home to the Delmarva Shorebirds, a Class A affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles. Visitors can take a tour of the park’s ponds and streams, or walk along nature trails.

The Salisbury Zoo is free to visit. Animals include bobcats, bald eagles, spider monkeys, and several other species. The zoo emphasizes animal conservation and environmental awareness.

It is also home to the Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art. This world-renowned museum features the world’s largest public collection of wildfowl carvings. Also on the Salisbury University campus, the museum displays works by artists who carve birds as both an art and an expression of their craft.

Salisbury, Maryland is home to several galleries. The town also boasts an interesting and vibrant downtown. It is also known for its microbreweries.

It is not surprising that Salisbury has a rich history. Many of the city’s structures date back to 1732. During this time, the town was focused on agriculture and was the county seat of Wicomico County.

The Salisbury Pavilion is a wonderful spot to enjoy a picnic or barbecue. Situated on a hill with a view of the water, it is ideal for family gatherings. Read This Page!

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